Now here's a little something for the kids. Ubisoft has announced a new range of games for the DS and Wii called Planet Rescue, which aim to help children learn about the environment and endangered animals.

Aimed at both boys and girls aged 6-12, there are four games within the range - Planet Rescue Ocean Patrol, Planet Rescue Animal Emergency and Planet Rescue Endangered Island for the Nintendo DS, and Planet Rescue Wildlife Vet For the Nintendo Wii. They all aim to open children's eyes to environmental issues and help them understand how they can help. Start them young and all that.

With Planet Rescue Ocean Patrol, you help your uncle build an eco-friendly sanctuary for endanger marine species, rescue animals around the island and develop conservation areas for local wildlife, whereas is Planet Rescue Animal Emergency, you play a young vet opening your first clinic, diagnosing and treating the animals brought to you.

There's an emergency in Planet Rescue Endangered Island, when an off-shore oil rig is affecting the island's ability to foster an incredible variety of wildlife. As a part of the "Earth Rescue Team" your job is to help organise an emergency operation in order to restore the island's biodiversity and save the animals.

As for the Wii's Planet Rescue Wildlife Vet, you have the opportunity to join a prestigious vet clinic but to do so you need to pass your test period first. You'll be managing your own clinic and touring the world to rescue some of the world's most exotic, endangered species like the sea turtle, Florida panther, giraffe or the China panda bear.

Planet Rescue Ocean Patrol, Planet Rescue Animal Emergency, Planet Rescue Endangered Island on Nintendo DS are available for a suggested retail price of £29.99 from 14th November 2008, while Planet Rescue Wildlife Vet on Nintendo Wii is available for a suggested retail price of £19.99 from 28th November.