Ubisoft have announced the DS-exclusive, Prince of Persia: The Fallen King, will be available around Christmas this year.

With its own independent storyline to complement the Prince of Persia coming out on consoles and PC, The Fallen King utilises the stylus controls of the DS to deliver the acrobatic and combat action that gamers have been used to from the Prince of Persia franchise, even on a handheld console.

The story behind this instalment is that of the Prince fleeing imminent danger and heading to a deserted kingdom that seems to offer him sanctuary. However, the kingdom has been touched by evil and Corruption - a dark substance that physically contaminates the land and skies.

As the Prince seeks a way to fight the spreading Corruption destroying the land, he encounters a partially infected creature that promises salvation. Whether the creature truly an ally or merely an enemy in disguise remains to be seen, but it seems this perilous alliance may be the only way for the Prince to face the forces of darkness and save the Persian kingdom from the Corruption. Ooh the drama.

You'll be able to play as this all-new character - the Magus - and switch between him and the Prince to fight, solve puzzles, and put to good use his magical powers against evil.

Look out for the game in the run up the Christmas.