There were only a few new titles announced at Ubisoft's Ubidays event in Paris.

While the company spent time showcasing high-definition footage and demos of the latest Prince of Persia, Far Cry and Brothers in Arms franchises, attendees waited to hear about what games they could look forward to in the coming months.

New titles included Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party, the latest in the Wii series, and the return of extreme sports athlete Shaun White to videogaming, with Shaun White Snowboarding, both due later in the year.

The Imagine range is also due a boost, with four new titles including Secret World by Imagine, Imagine Fashion Model, Imagine Teacher and Imagine Girl Band all set to join the four million-selling series later this year.

The big surprise, though, was typically saved for towards the end of the presentation, with Tves Guillemot introducing a trailer for the next project from Michel Ancel. The CG footage seemingly confirms a sequel to Beyond Good & Evil is in the pipeline, much to the delight of the attending press.