Ubisoft has revealed that it is developing games for Apple devices.

It is the latest in the list of major games publishers to confirm that it will provide content for the Apple's iPod and iPhone.

It is the devices' touchscreen capabilities that appear to have attracted the likes of Sega, EA and Popcap to develop titles for them, and now it seems Ubisoft is following suit.

When asked about the possibility of Apple devices as a format for gaming, executive producer of casual games at Ubisoft Pauline Jacquey said:

"At the minute, we’re only showing DS and Wii games, but we’ll be working on other platforms."

"We don’t want to keep it too narrow. We’ll be making games not only on PC, PS3 and 360, but on iPhone and iPod Touch too."

"When it comes to the mobile industry, Ubisoft sister company Gameloft looks after that and I’m not in charge of it. They will be borrowing more from the Games For Everyone range."

Well then, guess it's a big case of watch this space.