Ubisoft is currently seeking girls with a passion for video games to form a girl gaming team called FRAG DOLLS UK.

FRAG DOLLS UK will according to the games publisher, represent women in gaming - girls who are serious about games but want to have fun too … and get paid for it. Applicants should be willing to become role models for other girl gamers, and help encourage more women to play games.

Potential candidates for the team must have a positive attitude, extensive gaming knowledge and ability, and - above all - a passion for games.

Ubisoft are forming the team due to the phenomenal success of FRAG DOLLS in the US - who were the first all-female gaming clan to get publisher sponsorship. The seven girl team have been playing professionally as a team since Summer 2004, have been on a dozen road trips and taken part in a number of tournaments.

Applicants must be an avid gamer with broad console and PC gaming experience, Own an a least a Xbox, PlayStation 2 or PC. Have the ability to primarily work from home, with a broadband Internet connection, have extensive knowledge of Internet etiquette, be able to speak and write and most importantly be able to work Flexible hours.