Ubisoft has revealed the critically acclaimed and best-selling Myst® franchise will launch its newest adventure, Myst IV: Revelation, this autumn. Peter Gabriel, world-renowned recording artist, composed an individual song to compliment the soundtrack of award-winning composer Jack Wall that creates the game's immersive and ambient soundtrack.

The games, which so far have always been a visual treat, will involve solving and uncovering the mystery surrounding a little girl's disappearance, daring to venture deep inside the intense worlds of two evil, villainous brothers, Sirrus and Achenar. Understanding their motives will be the key to the investigation, which will lead to a true 'revelation'.

The games developers promise a suspenseful storyline, compelling puzzles and the music, featuring a new track by Peter Gabriel, as well as score produced by Jack Wall.

Additional launch details and information will be announced at a later date.