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(Pocket-lint) - There wasn't much space between Ubisoft teasing that it was about to unveil its next big game in the Tom Clancy line and that game actually getting unveiled, so now we know that XDefiant is on the way.

It's a free to play FPS that brings together factions from various Tom Clancy games like The Division, Rainbow Six and more to offer class-based combat that looks mightily like a Call of Duty competitor.


There's plenty of gameplay now circulting of XDefiant in motion, and it looks like a fast-paced shooter, with Ubisoft clearly hoping that being free to play will help it attract a chunky user base when it releases.

It's a 6v6 game, on tight maps, and each player has powers to call on in the style of Overwatch or Valorant, alongside the tight gunplay and realistic weaponry. It all looks fairly solid, although the real challenge will be standing out in a market already dominated by the likes of Call of Duty, with a major Battlefield game also just around the corner.

While being free should help, it's also worth remembering that Ubisoft played the same hand with Hyper Scape, its big battle royale hope that launched about a year ago but has since fallen into relative obscurity compared to big hitters like Fortnite and Warzone. It'll be interesting to see whether XDefiant can avoid the same fate.

Regardless, you can register now on the game's website to take part in an early public test on 5 August, so that represents a great opportunity to try it out for yourself. We don't have a full release date yet, but these tests indicate it isn't too far off.

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Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.