(Pocket-lint) - Ubisoft will fully reveal Far Cry 5 on Friday 26 May, but in the meantime has released several vignettes showing that the new chapter will be set in the North West of America.

The series is heading to Montana and, from brief teases in the videos, looks to include some hillbilly action. What's the betting that the main villains this time around exhibit traits made famous in Deliverance?

There's also some really sinister things going on in the four teaser trailers released so far, if you look closely. Hint: check out the bell in the church bell tower and what's making it ring.

The time period in which the new game is set isn't clear, although it's likely to be modern day. There will certainly be some scares, we reckon, although we hope that there's also plenty of the dark humour of Far Cry 4. Pagan Min is one of the best gaming bad guys we've ever faced - one of the funniest too.

We have to wait until this Friday before finding out the release date for Far Cry 5, or the formats it will appear on. The worldwide reveal will happen at 2pm BST on that day though, so mark it in your diary.

Oh, and welcome to Hope County!

Writing by Rik Henderson.