Ubisoft revealed one of its biggest titles ahead of E3, unveiling Watch Dogs 2 in the run-up to the show. But that’s not all the publisher had to show at its conference.

In a year absent of Assassin’s Creed - well, sort of, Michael Fassbender does, of course, star in the upcoming movie - its focus has been on showing-off titles announced in 2015, with added polish, in addition to some brand new franchises. The biggest of which is a Star Trek VR title. Yep, Star Trek comes to Ubisoft.

Here are the best trailers and gameplay videos on offer from the Ubisoft camp this year.

The closing gambit at last year’s showcase, Ghost Recon Wildlands ought to get Far Cry fans salivating. The more we see, the more we want to delve deeper.

A military shooter based in Bolivia, where "the king" - the head of a dangerous drug cartel - rules with an iron fist. That’s where the “ghosts” come in, to take down this underworld - by stealth and by force.

From shooting, to driving, the game’s point of distinction is that it’s playable in four-player co-op mode, whether solo with AI assist, or online with friends. It’ll be released for PS4 and Xbox One on March 7 2017.

Superheroes, turn-based RPG and, um, farts are at the forefront of the new South Park game.

New gameplay revealed a new combat style, with space now manoeuvrable rather than restricted to layers; there’s also new powers that can pass obstacles and, but of course, farts that can rip through the fabric of time. Oh, South Park.

Cue lots of Marvel and DC Comic mickey-taking and, if that sounds like your RPG of choice - we loved the earlier Stick of Truth - then mark 6 December 2016 down in your calendars.

Always wanted to man the bridge of the SS Enterprise? Well, say hello to Star Trek in VR. Bridge Crew is Ubisoft’s multiplayer virtual reality take on a real-time and social Star Trek experience.

Players have to work together to succeed in the given mission, with up to four VR-donning players taking on differing roles. From engineer to captain and beyond. Warp speed ahead!

Extreme sports fan? A little bit sadistic too? Then you'll potentially love Steep. A massive open-world set between the mountains of France and Italy, the world is your oyster in this one. Ski, wingsuit, jump, and glide your way around in the raddest ways possible. And crash really hard.

Big crashes, big stunts, big challenges and a big play on social to boot. It's quite unlike anything we've seen before; or maybe like if Pilotwings (remember that Nintendo fans?) collided head-on with Go Pro in the middle of making a game. Take a look at the trailer above to see what you make of it.

Ubisoft's big deal hacking game is back and better than ever. Everything is hackable, the cars handle better, there's drones to control, more nuance and less nonsense.

Given the success of Mr Robot recently - which arrived post Watch Dogs - we think this sequel could well hack into the collective consciousness of the gamers of tomorrow.

It's out sooner than you might think too: 15 November is the date to remember. And we've already played it, so follow the link below to read our preview and get the lowdown on what we make of it.

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We weren't particularly taken by the playable multiplayer version of For Honor that we sampled at E3 2015. But 2016 looks rather different. Shown off in its single player campaign form, this combat title looks like a slice of brutal fun.

Play as viking, samurai or knight. Whichever you choose, fret not, the crunchy hand-to-hand combat doesn't suffer as a result. But you'll have to wait a bit longer yet: For Honor won't be out until 2017. On Valentine's Day, no less. Yup, 14/02/17. How romantic.