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(Pocket-lint) - In truth we attended Ubisoft's E3 press conference expecting little to surface. We've seen Assassin's Creed: Syndicate before, this is the third year that The Division has been shown off at the gaming expo, and most rumours suggested a new Rayman title was all we'd get to see.

But there was no Rayman and mere seconds into the presentation our expectations were realigned. South Park: The Fractured But Whole was announced in rip-roaring style, with the show's creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, coming on stage to introduce their role-playing follow-up to 2014's The Stick Of Truth.


Things escalated from there, with new IP For Honor shown off, in among new titles and fresh new looks at well-known and hotly anticipated favourites such as Rainbow Six: Siege.

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So even after a year when it was criticised for sloppily lobbing games out the door with bugs aplenty on board, Ubisoft has managed to steal our heart's and minds once again. Here are our Ubisoft highlights (and occasional low lights) from the publisher's E3 press conference.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

It wasn't meant to happen - The Stick Of Truth was the last video game that Stone and Parker were ever going to make. But then they though "f- it" and now we have the comically titled The Fractured But Whole to look forward to.

Things pick up where they left off in The Stick of Truth: you play the new kid in South Park; exploring, levelling up, and acquiring items and weapons in order to proceed through this side-on role-playing game. The format looks much the same, so it'll be the comedy and story that lead this along, when it arrives next year.

For Honor

Here's an all-new game. For Honor looks suspiciously like it's been watching a lot of Game of Thrones, with armoured knights and lots of bloodied swordplay to boot. We were shown multiplayer mayhem which we'll get to explore on the Ubisoft stand at the show later this week.

More Tom Clancy games then you can shake a stick at

From firm favourite The Division, now shown off in plot-twisting multiplayer, to the four vs four battle of Rainbow Six: Siege's take-out-the-terrorists, the Tom Clancy's franchise name rings strong.

But there's a new ace in the pack. Ghost Recon depicts you as an agent set out to deconstruct drug gangs throughout the world.

It looks like a modern-day Far Cry title in many respects, due to running on the same engine, but the giant open-world, stealth and gun-toting gameplay look like heaps of fun.

In fact it looks so good we're in danger of The Division becoming old hat before it's even launched.

Singing and dancing

Then for the lull in the show: Just Dance 2016. Ubisoft pulled Jason Derulo on stage to sing his number one hit Want To Want Me. Well, we say sing, he off-key shambled his way through the song, so good job it's called Just Dance rather than Just Sing. Don't give up your day job Derulo.

Trials Fusion: Awesome Level Max

Another Ubisoft "silly". This downloadable content (DLC) for Trials Fusion goes well over the top. But as you're a tiger riding a fire-breathing unicorn, what's not to like?

Assassin's Creed: Syndicate

Back to the proper stuff. Assassin's Creed: Syndicate was unveiled in May this year, but just how good the latest near-live-action trailer looked was a nice surprise.

Ok, so it's not in-game presentation, but the 19th century London landscape and cheeky cockney accents, fist-fighting and horse-drawn cart races give it an edge.

Here's hoping to a bug-free and well considered release when the game arrives at the end of this year.

Writing by Mike Lowe.