Ubisoft is about to hold its annual E3 press conference, and you can catch all the publisher's latest and greatest games right here.

The gaming conference of the year has officially kicked off in Los Angeles, with plenty of trailers and announcements from Bethesda, Microsoft and EA already unveiled.

So what can we expect from the French company? A number of its major franchises were launched in 2014, so is it too soon for the likes of Far Cry 5 to show face?

Guaranteed to make an appearance is Assassin's Creed: Syndicate, the latest title in the popular series, as revealed just last month. For the third year in a row we'll also be treated to Tom Clancy's The Division, which we're hopeful will get a concrete release date - but it's not expected to arrive until spring 2016.

We've embedded a live stream below, so you can follow along and watch everything as it unfolds - and just before bedtime, with the 23:00-00:00 runtime anticipated

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