Ubisoft and RedLynx have released the first official Trials game for iOS. Available as a free download, Trial Frontier features the same, hugely addictive gameplay as Trials HD and Trials Evolution, but with an art style and theme all of its own.

It's based in the Wild West but with a modern twist - there's motorbikes after all - which explains the Frontier tag and rather than just present a series of ever increasingly more difficult levels, you are set missions by the townsfolk.

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In play though it is very much the Trials experience. You can flip, jump and generally try to stay on your bike as you navigate the terrain. More powerful and manoeuvrable motorcycles become available as you earn (or purchase) in-game cash and social media integration is a big feature. The game can be connected to social networks in order to keep up with friends' performances and leaderboards.

Trials Frontier also connects with Trials Fusion, the forthcoming console and PC game, to access bonus rider gear and to see some of the same tracks.

It is available on the iTunes App Store for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch now.