Ubisoft has released a video showing glimpses of what in-house studio Massive Entertainment's Snowdrop Engine is capable of. It's the game engine being used for the first time on Tom Clancy's The Division and going on this evidence, it could well be the first next-generation title that makes everybody sit up and take notice.

At present, the Xbox One's Titanfall is winning all plaudits and praise, and rightly so. Pocket-lint gave it five stars. However, bar some detail and rendering distances, etc, it's only a slight step up from a current generation game. It's even coming out for Xbox 360 - albeit later than originally planned.

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Killzone Shadow Fall looks very pretty on the PS4, but again only a slight enhancement on games that have gone before. The Division however could do for next-gen gaming what Crysis did for PC first-person shooters. The Snowdrop Engine seemingly is capable of photo realistic detail.

The video was released during the Games Developers Conference currently taking place in San Francisco. Ubisoft is keeping tight lipped on the release date for Tom Clancy's The Division, but it is expected in 2014. We'll probably find out more during E3 in June.