Watch Dogs, the much anticipated game that was delayed prior to its launch alongside the next-gen consoles in November 2013, now has an official release date. All pen 27 May 2014 in your diaries. And jump around and cheer a bit too, because this could well be one of the year's biggest games.

It's taken some six months to get the hacking-themed open-world game ship shape and ready for launch following the delay. Although it was never made clear exactly why the title had been held back by Ubisoft, as there was not even a whisper to suggest the anything was afoot when we spoke to the game's creative director last year.

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Having already played the game we can tell you that it plays wonderfully. Whether more content has been squeezed in during the final six month stint we don't yet know, but we sure do look forward to finding out when the full release comes available.

So whether you have a PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, or PC you now have a pre-summer date to look forward to. Wii U owners, however, will have to wait an unknown period of time longer before the game makes it to Nintendo's console.