There's a new pirate-themed Assassin's Creed title ready to hit Android and iOS next month.

It's appropriately called Assassin's Creed: Pirates, and Ubisoft has made yet another mobile game set in the Caribbean. This game features landscapes and characters pulled from Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag, but it is focused on "the Golden Age of piracy".

You play Alonzo Batilia, a captain who commands his own ship, manages a crew, engages in real-time naval battles, upgrades to better weaponry, acquires perks, journeys on treasures quests and hits new achievements.

All of this takes place from harbour to harbour in a huge map boasting paradise islands, volcanic shores, mangroves and other luscious landscapes. But that's not all: Ubisoft has implemented a 3D graphics engine made for mobile devices, meaning the waters, islands and weather are more "breathtaking" than ever before.

Assassin's Creed: Pirates will land on 5 December for $4.99, £2.99. Check out the trailer below for more details.