(Pocket-lint) - UPDATE Sadly, the deal has ended. GameStop has replaced the price with an accumulative price for all three games. It's looking more and more like the original offer was an error - something we thought, considering the incredible price.

You can still read our original story below...

How about this for the deal of a lifetime? US retailer GameStop is offering the PC version of Far Cry 3 Deluxe Edition as a digital download for £4.94, and that's in a pack that includes the original Far Cry and Far Cry 2 Fortune's Edition.

Whether it's in error or as part of an unbelievable promotion, the Far Cry Complete Pack is currently being offered for $7.99 (£4.94), reduced from $88.93 (around £55). And you don't have to be a US citizen to get all three games. If you check out by credit or debit card, you can get the games wherever you are in the world.

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There is a restriction if paying by PayPal, however. It says there is a location restriction on Far Cry 3 itself, so you won't be able to take advantage if you don't have a card.

Once you've signed in and paid, you will have to download and install the GameStop client - which is much like Steam - and your games should be there for download. Result.

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We're not sure how long the offer will be online, so if you're interested we recommend heading to the dedicated page now. Considering that even GameStop is listing the Far Cry 3 Deluxe Edition for $64.68 (£39.99) on its own, this deal is incredible.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.