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(Pocket-lint) - Chris Early, head of digital at Ubisoft, has told Pocket-lint that the company finds developing for Android a lot harder than creating games for Apple's iOS system, the operating system run by the iPhone and iPad.

"It is a different mix [from iOS]," he explained, when we caught up with him. "It is much more akin to the mobile days of old.

"Our developers have to support many models and platforms, there are disparate payment mechanisms, and while all those things provide a degree of freedom for the people involved, it makes it difficult for us because we have to support all those things.

"From an iOS perspective, there is only one company, one OS, and one integrated payment solution to deal with which makes things easier."

The Ubisoft executive hopes that Google can fix the issue and take a leaf from Apple and Microsoft's book, a move he believes will attract more development in future.

"Xbox Live and Apple's iTunes have created standardised environments to create content for," Early said. "Android not having that makes it more difficult for us to develop. It is a very fragmented marketplace.

"If you happen to be in a segment in the Android market that has a consolidated marketplace you see better results than if you are not."

But those problems won't stop the company creating games for the platform, even though, at present there are only three apps on Google Play credited to Ubisoft: Just Dance 3 Autodance, The Adrenaline Lab and a companion app to the Xbox/Kinect game Your Shape Fitness Evolved. In comparison, there are currently more than 40 available on iTunes for iOS.

In the meantime, the publisher will explore the possibilities offered by other Google platforms.

Although Early was hesitant to talk about Google Plus, he did confirm to Pocket-lint that From Dust is coming to the Chrome Web Store soon.

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