A harmless actor, paid to re-enact scenes from Splinter Cell: Conviction for its launch, was almost shot by armed police in Auckland, New Zealand due to alarmed calls from members of the public. Eyewitnesses report that the man, wearing the get-up of game hero Sam Fisher - with bandaged hands and dressed in black - was spotted waving a gun around outside a bar in the Viaduct Basin, a popular entertainment district in the city.

According to The New Zealand Herald, an armed response unit was subsequently called but, luckily, they realised that he was only brandishing a replica before they drilled him full of lead.

However, the officers were far from amused by the ill-thought out affair. The Monaco Corporation, a marketing partner of Ubisoft, apologised profusely, but were quick to point the finger of blame at another marketing company, who had been hired to put the whole stunt together. It claims that it didn't know that a fake gun was going to be used.

"It was just marketing gone wrong", said a Monaco representative.

Or, considering the resulting publicity, we ask, has it gone right?