Valve has announced a sequel to its massively popular zombie co-op shooter Left 4 Dead. Left 4 Dead 2 will feature much of the same as the first game, but with an entirely new set of characters and levels.

Set in the American Deep South, Coach, Rochelle, Ellis and Nick are attempting to make their way to New Orleans while a zombipocalypse erupts around them.

New weapons are included too - an axe, baseball bat, chainsaw and frying pan. We're reliably assured that the latter has a fantastic "KWAPANG" noise when you smack a zombie around the face.

There’s a new shotgun, semi-automatic, and brand new sniper rifle, as well as new options that let you target individual parts of the bodies of zombies to shoot off an arm or leg.

Lastly, "gauntlet" sections have been added. These are parts of the game where you have to reach a fixed objective in another section of the map while the AI throws whatever it can at you. Tense.

Left 4 Dead 2 will be released on 17 November for PC and Xbox 360.