id Software, makers of Doom and Quake has unveiled more details of its latest gaming venture; Rage at QuakeCon.

The game, which first got an outing at Apple CEO Steve Jobs' keynote speech in June will see players fight an oppressive government in a post-apocalyptic world and will be releases on PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and Apple's Mac platform.

"Rage" is being built with all-new graphics technology designed by id co-founder John Carmack, who showed off the game at id's annual "QuakeCon" event in Dallas, Texas.

According to id, Rage focuses on the racing element, taking players on a roller-coaster ride as they build-up funds, take-on enemies in traditional first person shooter (FPS) settings, and navigate vast tracks using all terrain vehicles (ATVs) and others.

The game's multiplayer elements will also abandon the id norm, ditching deathmatch and opting for co-operative online elements.

No release date has been announced yet.

In related news Id Software has announced that its back catalogue of games will be made available through Valve's Steam digital distribution system.

Valve's Steam is famous for distributing Half-Life 2 a main competitor to the Quake series.

The games will be available for download as single titles as well as themed packages such as the Quake I and II titles, all the Doom titles, the three Wolfenstein titles.