Half-Life 2 was the major standout winner at the 2nd annual BAFTAs for Interactive Entertainment, taking best game, online game (where with Counter-Strike, it technically had two hits at the same award), action adventure, art direction and animation and best PC game. It redresses the balance for all the negative coverage caused by the Steam authentication software, although those issues haven't gone away. It's universally agreed that any other game wouldn't have been worth the trouble.

Elsewhere, the award for best sports game went Pro Evolution Soccer 4, extending its reach beyond football fans. Best GameCube Game was Prince Of Persia: Warrior Within and Halo 2 for the Xbox, as big a foregone conclusion as Half-Life 2 on the PC. As well as Best PS2 game, Burnout 3 took best racing game and technical direction awards, making it the second biggest multiple award winner.

After Half-Life 2, certainly the most deserving award went to Jesper Kyd for his Hitman: Contracts Soundtrack, which basically helped to save the game, a fact we noted in our review last year.