Rumours on the internet are suggesting that Vivendi Universal is finally going draw a conclusion to what has become the ill-fated launch of Half-life 2.

While Valve are still towing the “Unfortunately, we do not have a release date from VUG right now” line, reports are coming in that the game will be available in the UK on the 26th November and in America 3 days before that.

Still some two months away, the news will come as a big relief to gamers and stores hoping to capitalise on the Christmas shopping rush.

Things haven't gone well for what has become the most anticipated game of the last two years. Dogged by delays, stolen code and legal issues many still doubt whether Vivendi will make the November shipping deadline.

In an even stranger move, review code will not be sent out to reviewers online or offline before the official launch date. However as soon as we get code we will be posting a review.