According to reports surfacing the on web, Half-Life 2 looks to be getting a Thanksgiving release date (that's november to us in the UK). The reports are starting to surface following a comment made by Valve's marketing boss Doug Lombardi:

"We're currently planning to send release candidates to Vivendi by September 15th," according to Valve's marketing boss Doug Lombardi. "However, VUG hasn't given us a ship date yet."

The November deadline will come as a further blow to gamers who where hoping to get their hands on the game sooner after an anouncement last week from Valve, the games delevopers that it had begun pre-loading content for the game onto the Steam distribution network.

A november release would mean that it hits UK retail at the high of the Christmas shoping season, however the game is already over a year overdue.

Half-Life 2 is one of the three most antispated games due to be released and whenever it is releases is sure to go straight into the charts at number one.