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(Pocket-lint) - Good news for those who got in early enough with their Steam Deck pre-orders. Valve has announced that all quarter one Steam Deck shipments have been sorted. If you're in that lucky bunch, then check your email as you may well have the message asking you to pay up before your console ships out. 

If you weren't quick enough on the trigger, then not to worry as there is some good news. The Steam store page has now been updated to reflect when you can expect your order. If you're like us and have to wait for quarter two, then you should see the expected dates on Steam:

Pocket-lintAll Steam Deck Q1 orders have shipped and there's an update to celebrate photo 1

As you can see ours is due to be available sometime between April and June 2022. If you've not pre-ordered already then you'll have to wait for quarter three, sometime after October 2022. 

Performance improvements

In the meantime, Valve has also rolled out an update to the Steam Deck to improve performance and enhance user experience. 

This update includes improvements to the Steam store and games library on the Steam Deck. Apparently, this improves performance and navigation as well as fixing a number of other issues. The full update includes these changes:

  • Added an option to ignore notifications for Steam Deck Rewards
  • Added fast scrolling to the All Collections view in the Library
  • Improved performance and navigation in the Store
  • Improved discoverability of the search functionality when on Library page
  • Fixed filtered app counts being incorrect if the Library contains demos
  • Fixed a case where the Steam Client updater would always trigger the 'Update Error' message
  • Fixed context menu backgrounds being fully opaque
  • Fixed an issue with achievement notification toasts not playing any sounds
  • Fixed an issue where the keyboard could overlap inputs in a scrollable area
  • Localization updates

So if you're still waiting for your Steam Deck pre-order email, at least you can be happy that the experience will be even better by the time it arrives. 

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