(Pocket-lint) - PC gamers, ready your wallets as it seems like the Steam Winter Sale is about to start. We usually see Valve rolling out sales this time of year and though there's no official word yet on when the sale will start, there are hints at its imminent arrival. 

One of those hints comes in the form of the Steam Awards which is due to start today. Valve is announcing the final nominees for each of the game award categories over the next few days from 22 December until 3 Jan.

On the accompanying page, the FAQ explains that gamers will not only be able to vote on their favourite (nominated) games from each category, but will also be able to earn Steam Award Trading Cards and badges "...until the end of the sale." which implies that the sale will kick off alongside the awards. 

It's perfectly logical to assume that the sales will run alongside the awards as that's usually what happens anyway. What we don't know though is what games will be on sale or how much the discounts will be. We will be trawling through to find the best deals and updating our guide to help you grab a bargain though. 

We also full expect Valve to throw in some of the usual festive-themed profile rewards for you to spend your Steam Points on too. So there's plenty to look forward to. 

Writing by Adrian Willings.