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(Pocket-lint) - PC gamers, ready your wallets as it seems like the Steam Golden Week Sale is about to start.

We usually see Valve rolling out sales this time of year and though there's no official word yet on when the sale will start, there are hints at its imminent arrival. 

It doesn't seem long since we had the Steam Game Festival or even the last Steam sale, but it seems that we're getting another wallet-breaking sale soon. 

The Steam Database, a site designed to track and monitor all things Steam-related has posted about the impending arrival of the sale.  

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The tracked history of sales also shows that there's usually a sale this time of year to coincide with the Golden Week in Japan. If you don't know already, that's a week of a number of national holidays for the country, which seems like a perfectly good reason to celebrate.  

As you might expect, the Golden Week sale will likely have a specific focus on Japanese games. We'd expect to see discounts on games like  Dark Souls, Monster Hunter World, Devil May Cry and more. 

What we don't know though is what games will be on sale or how much the discounts will be. We will be trawling through to find the best deals and updating our guide to help you grab a bargain though. 

We also fully expect Valve to throw in some of the usual festive-themed profile rewards for you to spend your Steam Points on too. So there's plenty to look forward to. 

Writing by Adrian Willings. Originally published on 22 December 2020.