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(Pocket-lint) - Untitled Goose Game launched to much praise when it was originally released back in September 2019. The game appeared on the Epic Games Store, Nintendo Switch and more at that time and was loved by many. 

Now, the game is set to appear on Steam on 23 September, which will no doubt please a wider audience of PC gamers. More pleasingly though is the fact that the game is set to get an update that includes a new two-player mode when that new launch happens. 


As if it's not already loads of fun causing chaos and wreaking havoc with our favourite feathered friend, now you'll be able to double the trouble with a pal. 

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The update will allow users to play through the entire game with two players controlling one goose each. You'll be able to work together to cause even more trouble than normal. Double the trouble, double the amount of honking. 

This update is set to be free for all current owners of the game and obviously makes for a nice incentive to purchase it if you don't already own it as well. 

Alas, you cannot pre-order on Steam just yet, but you can add the game to your wishlist

Writing by Adrian Willings. Originally published on 19 August 2020.