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(Pocket-lint) - Valve recently started testing out a new and enhanced games library design that not only makes your library look better, but also ensures things more accessible and easier to use too. 

That update was being tested in beta form and is now being rolled out for all users.

The changes to the library include various things that make using your ever-growing games library that bit more entertaining. For example, you can now filter and sort games more easily, to show games that are ready to play or by genre, features or player type. 

This is one of our favourite features too, as you can create "dynamic collections" based on these tags to group your favourite games and make them easier to find. 

The individual games pages also show all sorts of information in one place that wasn't as easy to see before.

You can now see recent achievements, updates and patch news, friends' activity, your trading cards and review, all in one place. 

Other minor, but enjoyable highlights to this new design include styled highlights to achievements which show off your rarest achievements earned in-game. 

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Remote Play Together

Another recent Steam update that's in the works but is still in beta form is Remote Play Together. This is a new system that allows you to play local multiplayer and co-op games over the internet even when you're not actually together. 

Now all users can try this new functionality out by launching any local multiplayer game, then inviting friends to play by opening the friend's overlay and clicking "Remote Play Together". 

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Review revisions

Alongside the library updates, it seems Valve is also working on new ways to encourage people to get more involved in the community. This includes, as Gamasutra discovered, a new nudging system that asks players to update previous game reviews once they've sunk more time into the game. 

Alden Kroll, Product Designer at Valve confirmed this was a new implementation on Twitter recently:

This is certainly a good way to combat issues with negative reviews when a game launches despite a much better experience after patches a few months later.  One Redditor user noted how Steam asked them to update their review after they'd played an extra 90+ hours of the game. 

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All excellent updates to the platform and a boon for PC gamers. 

Writing by Adrian Willings.