The Steam Summer Sale has started and there are some incredible deals for PC and Mac gamers right across the digital store.

Steam has dramatically discounted thousands of games across the digital store, at anywhere up to 90 per cent off. If you want to build your games library, now's the time to start.

What's more, PayPal users get an even bigger incentive to splurge some cash on the latest and greatest games. The digital payment company is offering £5 off when you spend £20 on Steam until 5 July (when the sale ends).

You need to save the offer to your PayPal account before you can redeem it. Instructions are available here.

Without further ado, here are some of the best offers we've found so far. We'll also add more as the sale progresses.

Best Steam Summer Sale game deals

In alphabetical order:

Best Steam Summer Sale hardware deals

As well as a healthy list of games, Steam is also offering its own hardware with heavy discounts. The Steam Link is a small box you can use to stream games from your PC to a TV elsewhere in the house, and the Steam Controller is a standalone device designed for PC gaming.