(Pocket-lint) - GOG, the online PC games store owned by The Witcher developer, CD Projekt, now allows users of its main rival Steam to duplicate some of their owned games to work on both platforms.

To help build a library of games usable through GOG Galaxy, the service has launched GOG Connect. You link it to your Steam account and if a game is supported by the scheme, you can have it transferred to your GOG account.

What's more, you get to keep the Steam version too.

How to link your accounts and transfer games using GOG Connect

A handful of games are available at present, thanks to deals with publishers and partners, but more will be added in future. You can check for new eligible games on the GOG Connect website.

After linking your two accounts - Steam and GOG - through hitting just one button and validating access, you will see your available games that you can transfer. Just hit the "Import Games" button and the site will do the rest.

It might take a while to see the games in GOG Galaxy thanks to high demand, but they will then be available in both libraries permanently.

To see if any new eligible games have been added, return to the GOG Connect page and hit the refresh button. It will check your Steam account against the games available and add any that are supported.

Sometimes, a certain title might be slightly different between the GOG and Steam versions, but you'll get the best edition GOG has to offer.

Writing by Rik Henderson.