Microsoft-owned Mojang has surprised everyone by simultaneously announcing and releasing a new game.

The Swedish game studio, which Microsoft acquired in 2014 for about $2.5 billion, has a new title called Crown and Council, as well as a new launch trailer on YouTube to promote it. According to the video's caption, this is how the game is described: "Originally a jam game, Crown and Council is a casual strategy game of geopolitical drama. Conquer, expand, build and develop your kingdom, until all your foes are crushed!"

According to The Verge, only one member of the Mojang team - Henrik Pettersson - developed Crown and Council, which looks kind of like a pixelated version of Civilization. The idea behind the game is that you must acquire land, raise money, build a military, and create your empire. It's now available on Steam, where Mojang, the studio behind Minecraft, said it "relied on procedural generation for the 75 included maps".

Mojangminecraft maker mojang just released this free strategy game on steam image 2

The generator is built into the game, Mojang added, and you can generate new maps "on the fly". This strategy game is all about conquering land and defeating rival monarchs, and it's absolutely free to download from Steam.

It requires a machine running Windows 7 and up.