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(Pocket-lint) - Half-life 3 might be one of the most eagerly anticipated game releases of all time. All that pressure could be one of the reasons the game series creator Valve hasn't got round to making it yet. Sick of waiting, one fan has made his own sequel.

Richard Seabrook is a 25-year-old indie game developer who quit his job and spent two years creating his own Half-life game. He said he left his old role and begun this as a way to apply for a job at Valve.


The new Half-life fan-made game, dubbed Prospekt, was made using graphics and assets from the Half-life 2 game. The rights to use all this lot were granted to him by the game creators. While this won't be an official sequel it has been given the go ahead by the company.

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Speaking to BBC Click Richard said that fans are waiting to see how good the game is and if it's up to standard will incorporate his story into the official fan fiction storyline.

So while this won't be Half-life 3, with better graphics and official team build, it will offer something more to fans. Richard said he spent about half a year making it initially before deciding it wasn’t good enough, scrapping it, and starting again. Here's hoping all that hard work pays off.

The Prospekt game will be available on Steam from February.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.