The Steam sale is an event for gamers that sets the hairs on the back of the neck on end. It's a time of year that signifies the start of many hours ahead to be spent button bashing. And now it's here for Halloween.

Luckily the Halloween theme doesn't run too deeply. Sure there are plenty of horror games on the list but they're not the only ones. Although you'll be surprised how many good horror titles are actually available.

Putting horror aside, at the top of the list is GTA V. This game really isn't that old, still has plenty of play and replay value and is now 33 per cent off at £26.79. Similarly long and excellent game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is on sale at 30 per cent off for a £34.99 price. The last non-horror title worth mentioning as a big hitter is Bioshock Infinite, which has a whopping 75 per cent off at £4.99, what a steal.

Horror greats on sale include Left 4 Dead 2 with 80 per cent off at £2.99 and Resident Evil 6 at 75 per cent off for a £4.99 price. Utter bargains then.

There are plenty more on offer now until the sale ends on 2 November.

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