When Valve first announced its intention to take its Steam gaming platform into the living room there was plenty of speculation on how that would be achieved. Would there be a an overall, PC-based Steam Machine to take on Xbox One and PS4 directly? Or would multiple manufacturers take the software platform and a set of technical standards and make their own boxes?

The latter turned out to be the case, and although the Steam Controller will be unified and work as the common denominator, the end result will bring about a diversity in styles and specifications that many will applaud. There will, it seems, be a Steam Machine to cater for all tastes. And bank accounts.

They will come in all shapes and sizes and all will be available from November this year. They will all be available in the US, but some if not all will be coming to the UK too. We haven't had confirmation on which ones yet, but will update when we hear more.

Prices vary dramatically. The entry level Steam Machine will come from iBuyPower, with its SBX box costing from $459.99 (around £305). And the most expensive on the initial phase will come from Falcon Northwest and Origin; both of which offering their ultimate machines, with the highest specifications, for $4,999.99.

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So, to give you an idea of what will be available come November and a look at the various designs, here are all the Steam Machines declared by the 15 partner companies so far.

We've listed each machine's key spec and price for the starting model in each company's range. You can find out more on the official Steam Store site.