Valve now does video-game streaming.

The company has launched a new broadcasting feature for Steam, its internet-based gaming and distribution platform. The feature is available in beta, starting today, and will essentially allow you to watch other people play games. In fact, Valve's website said the feature will let you "watch friends play, with the click of a button".

The broadcasting feature also includes a public option, so that anyone can join and view a game stream. If all that sounds familiar, it's because you're thinking about Twitch. Twitch is another live-streaming video platform with a live-broadcasting feature. Amazon acquired the company earlier this year for nearly $1 billion.

Valve's new broadcasting feature works through the Steam client as well as specific web browsers like Chrome or Safari. You'll only be able to view live streams at the moment, meaning you can't just watch them later, and you'll need to join the beta version of Stream in order to have access.

For more information on broadcasting or how to join the beta, check out the Steam's new FAQ page.