Is the SteamBoy the next GameBoy? Will we remember it for years to come as a game changer? It's a tall order, but allowing gamers to take Steam games anywhere is a pretty big deal.

At the moment Steam, which lets gamers buy and download games at low prices, is limited to the machines it's on – mainly PCs. For those that don't own a PC Steam may just be something they've merely heard of. The SteamBoy could change that by making Steam games accessible to everyone and allowing them to be played anywhere.

The SteamBoy comes from a startup company and aims to arrive in 2015 bringing with it a 5-inch screen, the same touchpad controls as the Steam controller, and Wi-Fi plus 3G connectivity.

According to a representative of the company the SteamBoy will come with a quad-core processor, 4GB of RAM and 32GB of internal – hopefully expandable – storage. It should play the "majority of current games" on Steam. How long it will be able to do that before needing a charge isn't clear. Hopefully the price will reflect the mobile specs making Steam gaming a more affordable option for all.

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