Valve is working on a virtual reality headset in the wake of losing Oculus Rift to Facebook. VR gaming is still coming and it looks like the Oculus Rift style headset is on its way.

The new Valve headset has appeared in photos on Reddit after the recent Boston VR Bender meet-up. Valve was demoing the product to those who attended despite no official word on the headset from the company.

The Valve VR headset was reportedly demoed a few months ago at the Steam Dev Days to positive feedback. The new prototype device is far more portable than the earlier model.

This Valve VR headset is covered in white dots which is thought to be there to help tracking. Photos from the event show the headset being used in conjunction with a camera on a desk which must track the head movements.

Valve previously said it wouldn't make its own VR headset, rather it was planning to help others. Now that Oculus is owned by Facebook where Valve stands isn't clear. 

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