Valve is implementing a new tool for developers, which, in some cases, could make game prices on Steam much cheaper. 

Valve will now allow developers to run Steam game sales and discount games whenever developers choose, the company has announced through its development forums on Wednesday. 

Previously, developers had to go through Valve to make sales happen - going along with Steam sales weekends that occur every so often. Now, developers can open up the product they want to discount in the development backend, then select how much the discount will be, and choose a timeframe for how long it would run.

In theory, this could open up longer and more frequent game sales for customers. Steam games are already cheap in a lot of cases, but surely gamers won't mind developers getting to choose when they want to discount games.

There's also the chance it could hurt weekend game sales and daily deals in the future, because developers may stick with 10 per cent discounts year around (rather than taking part in short-term sales with larger price cuts).

Valve has been making more frequent changes to its Steam software to appease users over the last few months. In February, it rolled out a new tagging system that allowed gamers to describe "genres, themes, attributes" when making a search.