Another bullet in Valve's console war-waging gun comes from iBuyPower with its SBX Steam Machine that's been announced at CES 2014.

Smaller than an Xbox One, the SBX will be SteamOS only, disc drive free, and be capable of streaming. The CPU will be a quad-core Athlon X4 740 CPU and the GPU will be a Radeon R7 260 with AMD Mantle API support, all backed by 4GB RAM and a 500GB HDD. The spec may still change before launch but not drastically.

"We're telling all of our vendors that this is not a PC," Tuan Nguyen, iBuyPower director of product and marketing, said during a demo at CES. "Valve doesn't like to admit that they're really competing with the consoles, but they are."

iBuyPower also planned to launch a second SBX with integrated Oculus Rift. Unfortunately the Rift part wasn't ready so we'll have to wait for this as glitches get sorted out.

SBX will be on sale early this year for $499 (£305).