Valve's big press event at CES 2014 isn't happening until Monday afternoon, but that isn't stopping Engadget from dropping a bit of information early.

The publication has revealed the 12 companies that will be making third-party Steam Machines during 2014. Alienware, Falcon Northwest, iBuyPower, CyberPowerPC, Origin PC, Gigabyte,, Webhallen, Alternate, Next, Zotac and Scan Computers are the first companies officially signed on to support Valve's initiative.

Valve kicked-off Steam Machines with the release of its beta box late last year. Now it's up to third-party manufacturers to kick up the fun, and show what they can do with their own hardware to make SteamOS - the software built with gamers in mind - worthwhile. iBuypower was among the first to show its solution in November, while still remaining quiet about specs.

We'll be sure to take a look at all the Steam Machines we can during the week at CES. They're sure to fall in different price categories, different specifications, and different form-factors that will appeal to the wants and needs of specific gamers.

Pocket-lint will be live from Valve's press event at 4:30PM PST on Monday to bring you the latest, official announcements.