When Valve announced its Steam Machines PC games console concept a couple of months ago, it was big news. Since then though we've had a couple of mainstream gaming launches that have deflected attention somewhat. The PS4 and Xbox One are out there now (with the former coming to the UK on Friday, 29 November) and are rightfully the focus of the entire games-playing community.

However, a prototype of Steam Machine has been spied, one that will make an official bow at CES 2014 in Las Vegas, and if the current design is anything to go by, we could well have a third major player come to town.

This particular prototype comes from US firm iBuyPower and its looks much more console-like than PC. There are two models currently, one called Gordon, the other Freeman after the character in Half-Life. One of them sports a clear strip through the middle, one has a black one when the coloured light is not showing through. Both look like slightly more boxy, white PS4s.

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The company claims that they do run an early build of Steam OS, but hasn't revealed any technical specifications other than the fact that its Steam Machines will run Steam games at 1080p in 60 frames per second.

It will be interesting to see if iBuyPower also releases a white version of the touch panel-centric Steam Controller to match. At present, the one shown in the picture is the black version.

At this stage, an official release date is yet to be revealed - just "2014" has been mentioned - and a price, too.

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