Valve has just announced that its Steam distribution and sales service has reached more than 65 million users for 3,000 games.

Let's put that number into perspective: Microsoft's Xbox Live only has 48 million users, though Sony's PlayStation Network has 110 million. Still, Valve's numbers are impressive. After all, it only had 15 million accounts a year ago.

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Steam is a primary source for downloadable PC games and third-party games, and Valve Corporation develops it. Valve has long hinted that it intends to take on PC gaming in the living room, and it began making the first moves recently by announcing SteamOS, Steam Controller and Steam Machines.

Valve said it'll ship Steam Machines with the Linux-based Steam OS and Steam Controller to 300 beta participants. While that's exciting and all, it's not a very large beta. Especially considering the sheer number of users Steam has just hit.