Valve hasn't said whether Half-Life 3 is in the works, but some fans of the franchise have clung to all the recent speculation and even created a short film that will surely whet your appetite.

Half-Life is a video game franchise about a science-fiction alternate history, and each game features the player as the main protagonist, Gordon Freeman, a theoretical physicist initially employed by the Black Mesa Research Facility. All titles in the series are first-person shooters with linear, narrative and single-player elements.

Valve Corporation is the developer, and partly the publisher and distributor, for the signature games of the series. The company has made several announcements of late, all to do with its forthcoming Steam-in-the-living-room concept, though many people were expecting to hear something about the development of Half-Life 3.

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There has been no official confirmation of its existence or whether Valve is indeed working on one of the most anticipated sequels in gaming, but the company has recently registered the trademark for "Half-Life 3". Fans across the world are therefore exploding with excitement.

A trademark doesn't necessarily mean that a game is in the works. Still, as part of the frenzy, a fan-made short film inspired by the Half-Life franchise has popped up online. The video - called Half-Life: Raise the Bar - has the following description on YouTube:

"When an experiment goes wrong, it unleashes a catastrophic event on the Black Mesa Research Facility. As scientists scramble to find a way out, the game's iconic weapon - the crowbar - finds its rightful owner."

It's in no way affiliated with Half-Life or Valve, but the film is quite good and certainly cool to watch. It will also give you something to chew on until Valve makes (if it even does) an official announcement. Check out the video below.