Valve is to add more than games to its digital retail platform and community Steam. Starting 5 September, the company will add creativity and productivity software from different publishers to its catalogue.

As well as being offered for paid download, the apps will utilise that same sort of Steam functionality as games software, including automatic rolling updates, easy installation and launch from the desktop portal, and the ability to save work to the Steam cloud for access elsewhere.

Both PC and Mac software packages are expected to be available, but as yet no specific titles or publishers have been announced.

After launch, new titles will appear on a regular basis, and software publishers are invited to submit their applications via Steam Greenlight, the online community launched in July that can make a collective decision on whether something is acceptable for Steam distribution.

"The 40 million gamers frequenting Steam are interested in more than playing games," said Valve's Mark Richardson. "They have told us they would like to have more of their software on Steam, so this expansion is in response to those customer requests."

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