Valve appears to be dropping hints to a collection of websites that its Steam platform will shortly be available for Mac users. Steam currently dominates the PC retail market, allowing users to buy and download games from their computers, rather than forcing them to buy from shops.

While the PC has a long tradition in gaming, thanks to its extensive customisation options, the Mac has long been derided in that area. However, more recent Macs have offered a bit more power in the graphics department, and thanks to a very healthy independent games community - who want their products available across as many platforms as possible - there's an increasing number of Mac ports of games.

Valve dropped hinting images to six websites - Rock, Paper, Shotgun, EurogamerMacRumorsMacNNShackNews and MacWorld. Each made some reference to Apple and Valve, implying that an announcement is imminent. Users also found Mac-specific files in the most recent Steam client update.

We'd expect an announcement, if there is one, to be made at the Games Developers Conference in San Francisco between 9 and 13 March. We'll keep you posted.