Following the success of the Lego Star Wars game on the PlayStation 2 last year (it was nominated for our very own Fluffies for Best Game of 2005) fans will be pleased to know that the games developers, Lucas Arts has started production on a second instalment based on the original three movies.

LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy is slated for release this autumn across seven platforms; PlayStation2, Sony PSP, Xbox, Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Game Boy Advance and Windows.

LEGO Star Wars II follows the Rebel Alliance's battle to dismantle the Galactic Empire and rebuild a galaxy in pieces. From Darth Vader's pursuit of Princess Leia aboard her Blockade Runner to a showdown on the reconstructed Death Star, the game includes even more of the family-friendly LEGO action.

The developers have also said that this outing will include vehicles and creatures that players can ride or exit at will.

Also, in LEGO Star Wars II's Free Play mode, gamers can customize more than 50 new playable characters by mixing and matching body parts, to build their own LEGO Star Wars heroes with the ability to unlock even more characters on certain platforms.