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(Pocket-lint) - It took a while coming, but Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order felt like a breath of fresh air when it released in late 2019. At long last we were able to enjoy a story-driven Star Wars game with challenging lightsaber combat on a modern console. 

The game had some slightly janky rough edges, but more than enough fun at its heart to gain a large number of fans and do well commercially, and it's continued to get support from developer Respawn and publisher EA. 

Now, it's been confirmed that the game is getting a full re-release for the PS5 and Xbox Series X and S, to upgrade its visuals significantly and bring it to a new generation of consoles properly. Those who already own the game on older platforms or PC will get the upgrade for free. 

For now, a Star Wars blog post only says the game will get "technical improvements" over older versions, without any more detail, but we'd hope we might get ray-traced lighting for more realistic environmental lighting.

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The game already got a free patch a number of months ago letting gamers on PS5 or Xbox Series X/S unlock its frame rate and play more smoothly, which was entirely welcome, so it's slightly surprising to learn that a full new version is coming as well, but we'll keep an ear to the ground for more details when they become available. 

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