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(Pocket-lint) - It's always nice to see free game updates that bring new content to keep things fresh. For Star Wars Squadrons owners, the latest update brings a TIE Defender and the B-Wing to fly alongside a number of other updates and bug fixes. 

As you'd expect, the update includes a starfighter for each side - a B-wing for the New Republic fleet and a TIE defender for the Imperial Navy.

The B-wing is said to be ideal if you like a heavy gunship playstyle as it has low manoeuvrability but it's highly durable and capable of laying down heavy fire on enemy ships and capital ships. 

The B-wing also has unique components in the form of an Ion Beam (perfect for dealing out large amounts of damage to enemy capital ship's shields) and a Gyro/Aux Control Module which allows you to rotate your entire ship around your cockpit.

Meanwhile, the TIE defender is an anti-starfighter ship which has strong shields and is said to be built to last. It does, however, require frequent power management and needs boost and drift handling for the best performance. This ship has an Advanced Power System with gives you a significant overcharge to the system with max power or to all systems. 

Aside from the new starfighters, the updates include various things such as a Custom Games and server browser, support for TrackIR head tracking on PC and a wealth of new components to enjoy.  Those components include gear for your ships in the form of ion rockets, piercing torpedoes, and the ion beam and more besides. 

Writing by Adrian Willings.