(Pocket-lint) - Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and its sequel remain our favourite Star Wars games of all time so boy are excited to find out that we could be playing an all-new release soon.

A report claims that EA has a reboot of KOTOR in development, which could be announced as soon as E3 2020 in June.

The RPG could be coming back as either a remake or a "sequel of sorts" with elements of both KOTOR 1 and 2 retold as part of its plot.

It is not known as yet whether Bioware (KOTOR 1) or Obsidian (KOTOR 2) are involved. More likely it will be the former, as it's part of the Electronic Arts family these days, rather than the Microsoft-owned Obsidian.

The game could be developed by a completely separate EA studio, of course, considering Bioware already has its hands full with ongoing Anthem updates, a new Mass Effect and Dragon Age 4.

The speculation on a new Knights comes from Cinelinx, the website that got it spot on about an Obi Wan TV show in production (even though that's now said to be delayed).

The site claims that it got the heads up from two separate, independent sources. One said it was a remake of the original 2003 game, while the other revealed that it will be more of a re-imaging to bring characters and story into the new Disney Star Wars canon.

Writing by Rik Henderson.