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(Pocket-lint) - At the end of November, we published a series of screengrabs said to be taken in-game of Star Wars Battlefront running the Toddyhancer 2.0 mod, and we thought they were spectacular.

However, as amazing as they still are we think there's a better example of how good Battlefront can look, if you have a kickass PC to run it on.


Jackfrags has posted a three-and-a-half minute collection of some quite stunning footage of the game running in 4K at 60 frames per second and with the SweetFX Real Life mod slapped over the top. The result doesn't quite look quite as photo realistic as the Toddyhancer stills, but considering this is rolling video, it's more impressive we feel.

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The Hoth sequences and the effect the mod has on the ice - especially in the caves - are particularly great.

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Of course, to get the best result even from the video, you need to watch it in 4K60 on a compatible screen. We watched it using the YouTube app running on an Nvidia Shield Android TV, playing through a Samsung 55HU7500 telly. At full resolution it is breathtaking.

Even in 1080p60, you can still see how amazing the game can look. We thoroughly advise you give it a watch now.

Writing by Rik Henderson.